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Dear Viewers

RTL will be taking a hiatus this year.  We (mainly E) is taking time for personal projects [E – fishing anyone?]. We invite you all to reread the stories we’ve compiled over the years and perhaps look to submitting your own next. Do try and drop the authors a note to encourage them to keep on writing.

Kind regards.


The Great Bib

For those of you who’d like to look for more reading, our intrepid bibliographer, Renée, has compiled an amazing list of anthologies. Some oldies but goodies and some newer collections, with links to publishers and other sources.

If you know of any anthologies she has missed, please email her at

You can see our Bibliography of lesbian and lesbian-friendly anthologies of short fiction and poetry at

Take 5: Read These Lips, Volume Five – now available

We’re delighted to be here in our fifth year, with a new and stunningly beautiful volume of Read These Lips. As with previous volumes, we will travel through all kinds of stories from lesbians with a point of view. We will discover and rediscover ways in which women connect—through identity, through pleasure or through shared experience—as we continue to relay lesbian experiences through our own literature.

We feel lucky to be able to receive and present more lesbian stories each year and with such variety. In Take 5, we welcome the entertaining and thought-provoking writings of Adrienne Fleming, Angel Propps, Deborah La Garbanza, Doreen Perrine, Elaine Burnes, Gill McKnight, Ina Bak, Joan Annsfire, J.E. Knowles, Lee Lynch, Natasha Carthew, Rachel Green, R.G. Emanuelle and Vanessa Stewart.

The gorgeous paintings in this volume invite you to take a moment to enjoy women and literature, together. The team at RTL wish you good reading.

Take 5 is available as a free e-book from

The break you’ve been waiting for

We like to take it easy here at RTL. We enjoy living full lives with dramas, routines and the occasional holiday. We communicate among ourselves everyday and I have to say, I really enjoy discussing everything under the sun from a lesbian and queer perspective.

Well, we have another great bunch of quality stories and poetry coming up for you in the next volume of Read These Lips. Some of our favourite contributors return, accompanied by writers we’re pleased to feature for the first time. We love that RTL has enabled us to open the world to lesbian writings and we feel really lucky when writers approach us to share their stories.

We, and they, will see you in August for Take 5.

Season’s best wishes

As most of the world goes on holiday, we’ll be sashaying off for our own leisure activities. Whether you’re stuck indoors because it’s cold or enjoying summer in the south, have a good book to fill the time between activities. And if you’re able, please drop a note to the author.

We hope you made it through 2010 in good spirits and we wish you well for the coming year.

4Play: Read These Lips, Volume Four – now available

4Play: Read These Lips, Volume Four

In 4Play, once again Read These Lips presents stories and poetry to whet your appetite and feed your mind. The brilliant Janis Spehr shares a glimpse of rural Australia life you hadn’t expected. Feast on the charismatic poetry of Natasha Carthew, the bittersweet denial in Joan Annsfire’s ‘trip’, and the soulful passion from Robinet Christian. Amy McDonald pens a spicy other-worldly tale that could happen. See the world unfolding through young eyes in stories by R.G. Emanuelle and J.E. Knowles. Read on to Jessica Mason McFadden’s take on loving a woman and partake of a breakfast chat with a twist from Rachel Green, before ending on a lover’s serenade by Tamara Klinger.

This collection is brought to you through the generosity of our featured writers and the creative team at

4Play is for fun, for life, and for you.

Available as a free ebook from

RTL4 in the works

Ah, we’ve been busy in the last few weeks, but Read These Lips Volume 4 is currently in the works. We think it’s another very interesting collection.