4Play: Read These Lips, Volume Four – now available

4Play: Read These Lips, Volume Four

In 4Play, once again Read These Lips presents stories and poetry to whet your appetite and feed your mind. The brilliant Janis Spehr shares a glimpse of rural Australia life you hadn’t expected. Feast on the charismatic poetry of Natasha Carthew, the bittersweet denial in Joan Annsfire’s ‘trip’, and the soulful passion from Robinet Christian. Amy McDonald pens a spicy other-worldly tale that could happen. See the world unfolding through young eyes in stories by R.G. Emanuelle and J.E. Knowles. Read on to Jessica Mason McFadden’s take on loving a woman and partake of a breakfast chat with a twist from Rachel Green, before ending on a lover’s serenade by Tamara Klinger.

This collection is brought to you through the generosity of our featured writers and the creative team at www.readtheselips.com.

4Play is for fun, for life, and for you.

Available as a free ebook from ReadTheseLips.com.


E-books you can’t resist

We’re so pleased to share that Bedazzled Ink sponsored the prize for our Name the Kitty contest. They came up with the offer all by their lovely selves.

Check out their cheaper than chips e-books. How can you resist at those prices!

Now before y’all overrun their e-bookstore at http://bedazzledink.com/bbp/, please note that they are in the midst of revamping their main website, where you can see upcoming releases and yes, buy print books too.

And the Winner Is……

We have a winning name for our wee kitten!   From some 115+ suggestions including:


Edgar,  Hades,  Mephisto,  Smokey,  Imhotep,  Obsidian,  Spike,  Dakota ,  Harley,  Baron,  Mr. Hym,  Nightcrawler,  Shadow,  Loki,  Cocoa,  Chuave (suave),  Bogart,  Edgar,  Wisp,  Eliot (T.S.),  Pitch,  Ninja,  Rorschach,  Ares,  Sable,  Kiss-o,  Spartacus,  Diablo,  Zane,  Monochromatic,   Bandit,  Dusty,  Stardust,  Badger,  Jynx,  Mica,  Licorice,  Saxton,  Black Beauty,  Genghis,  Kip,  Jet,  Gus,  Rudder,  Ace,  Bailey,  Reese,  Midnight,  Sebastian,  Berry,  Stan,  Lightning,  Zeus,  Wishbone,  Kodak,  Kota,  Spotlight,  Jack Daniels,  Flicker,  Bagheera,  Pixel,  Koli (Icelandic),  Passepartout,  Sherlock,  Jackson,  Dobby,  Chessy,  Mongoose,  Alabaster,  Swat,  GoBaby,  Bacchus,  Tar,  Luther,  Voodoo,  Zorro, Bilge,  Indigo,  Storm,  Oilslick,  Wrecker,  Ruckus,  Goblin,  Coal,  Sammy,  Inkspot,  Elvis,  Creeper,  Rocky,  Soot,  Lucky,  Pyewacket,  Keel,  Demon,  Night,  Casper,  Gargamel,  Thunder  and Johann Sebastian Black.



A bunch of really great names!!       Can you say:  “Close your eyes and throw a dart.” ?

Submitted by Chris Limbach from New York City, our winner is Smudge!   Congratulations to Chris!

Chris said she is tickled to be our winner and looks forward to reading her e-copy of Year’s Best Lesbian Fiction 2008 from Bedazzled Ink.


Little Smudge is thriving  and very busy … most of the time…

pillow napper

Thanks to all of you for participating.

Name the kitty, win a copy of YBLF

To celebrate the launch of RTL on Facebook, we’re giving away an e-book of Year’s Best Lesbian Fiction 2008.

To win a copy, we’re looking for a name for this little fellow. Send in your suggestions (one entry per person) to info@readtheselips.com by midnight 2 August, to be in the running. The winner will be notified by email.

newby1 poor_flea newby2

Some names already in the hat are:












Sweet Afters: Read These Lips, Volume 3

Sweet Afters: Read These Lips, Volume 3It’s here!

Sweet Afters from ReadTheseLips.com is our third collection of distinctive stories from talented lesbian authors. Joan Nestle—co-founder of the Lesbian Herstory Archives and iconic lesbian activist—honoured us with a fascinating story of one lesbian’s joyous life celebrated by those who shared it. Janis Spehr sent in a breathtaking narrative of a housewife struggling to escape a dead-end life. J.E. Knowles, Georgia Beers, JD Glass and Amy McDonald each gave a glimpse into the complexities of significant relationships. Vicki Stevenson reminded us that happy beginnings can happen anywhere, and poet Natasha Carthew offered three short but intense poems for all who have longed and loved. For the first time, we are featuring a photographic exhibit by JRen, who also shot this issue’s beautiful covers.

Sweet Afters is about the last course, the indulgent pleasure afterwards. We hope this issue of Read These Lips satisfies in the best way.

Now available for download from ReadTheseLips.com.
Enjoy the book.

Evecho and Linda Lorenzo

Editors,  ReadTheseLips.com

Freebie: The writer’s guide to making a digital living

wgtmadlFree download (2.7 megs, PDF)

The writer’s guide to making a digital living was developed through the Australia Council’s  Story of the Future project in 2008 to explore the craft and business of writing in the digital era.

This report looks at writing, collaboration, copyright, marketing and distribution and business models, and how to develop projects from concept to commerical takeup. It includes case studies from Australia’s rising generation of poets, novelists, screenwriters, games writers and producers who are embracing new media and contains audio and video content from seminars and workshops, as well as extensive references to resouces in Australia and beyond.

The writer’s guide to making a digital living is published under a non-commercial, remix, share-alike Creative Commons licence. You may embed, download, distribute, remix, share alike and above all enjoy.

Made possible by Australia Council for the Arts.


Who should use this guide Continue reading

Most disappointing

The Lambda Literary Foundation (LLF) has released nomination guidelines for its 2008 awards. Heading the new changes are that reprints and second or later editions are not eligible for consideration, then some vague breakdown of categories for bisexual and transgender books, then more confused, discretionary breakdown along sexual orientation or gender for warranted categories.

Basically, only first-print dead tree books published and available in US bookstores are eligible.

E-books are unequivocally excluded from the awards. Again. Can someone explain why? Are ebooks not literary enough? Isn’t literary merit a matter for the judges to decide per submission rather than wholesale format exclusions? Is Amazon or any eretailer considered a bookstore for these purposes? If a supermarket has a book section, is it a bookstore?

These and other questions perplex me.

Sadly sadly sadly, the Award Guidelines Committee has again failed to take the opportunity to grasp the emerging impact of ebooks on LGBT literature. Instead of being progressive, of understanding that many brick-and-mortar bookstores don’t even stock LGBT books, of ignoring the impact that the internet has on LGBT life, of not accepting the diversity of media that LGBTs have always excelled at, LLF prefer to expand on genre (21 categories!) so that a book can be nominated in more than one category.

The complete market exclusion of LGBT books published outside the US is stunning in its arrogance. In this day and age, that such an restrictive, protectionist stance is still advocated AND acceptable from a major literary body that professes to celebrate LGBT
literature and provide resources for writers, readers, booksellers, publishers, and librarians – the whole literary community,
is frankly, ironic.