Fagbug DVD winner

Congratulations to Glenda who is our Fagbug DVD winner (our first dvd giveaway!)

Thank you to all who participated and to Erin Davies for stumping up the prize.

For youse others, go see the doco movie.


Reminder: Win a Fagbug DVD

You have till 13th July to post a comment on our blog post below to win a brand new DVD of  a cute VW showing up homophobia with the help of its brave owner, Erin Davies.

Tell us your favourite moment on any form of transport and you could share more than one adventure.

4Play: Read These Lips, Volume Four – now available

4Play: Read These Lips, Volume Four

In 4Play, once again Read These Lips presents stories and poetry to whet your appetite and feed your mind. The brilliant Janis Spehr shares a glimpse of rural Australia life you hadn’t expected. Feast on the charismatic poetry of Natasha Carthew, the bittersweet denial in Joan Annsfire’s ‘trip’, and the soulful passion from Robinet Christian. Amy McDonald pens a spicy other-worldly tale that could happen. See the world unfolding through young eyes in stories by R.G. Emanuelle and J.E. Knowles. Read on to Jessica Mason McFadden’s take on loving a woman and partake of a breakfast chat with a twist from Rachel Green, before ending on a lover’s serenade by Tamara Klinger.

This collection is brought to you through the generosity of our featured writers and the creative team at www.readtheselips.com.

4Play is for fun, for life, and for you.

Available as a free ebook from ReadTheseLips.com.