E-books you can’t resist

We’re so pleased to share that Bedazzled Ink sponsored the prize for our Name the Kitty contest. They came up with the offer all by their lovely selves.

Check out their cheaper than chips e-books. How can you resist at those prices!

Now before y’all overrun their e-bookstore at http://bedazzledink.com/bbp/, please note that they are in the midst of revamping their main website, where you can see upcoming releases and yes, buy print books too.


And the Winner Is……

We have a winning name for our wee kitten!   From some 115+ suggestions including:


Edgar,  Hades,  Mephisto,  Smokey,  Imhotep,  Obsidian,  Spike,  Dakota ,  Harley,  Baron,  Mr. Hym,  Nightcrawler,  Shadow,  Loki,  Cocoa,  Chuave (suave),  Bogart,  Edgar,  Wisp,  Eliot (T.S.),  Pitch,  Ninja,  Rorschach,  Ares,  Sable,  Kiss-o,  Spartacus,  Diablo,  Zane,  Monochromatic,   Bandit,  Dusty,  Stardust,  Badger,  Jynx,  Mica,  Licorice,  Saxton,  Black Beauty,  Genghis,  Kip,  Jet,  Gus,  Rudder,  Ace,  Bailey,  Reese,  Midnight,  Sebastian,  Berry,  Stan,  Lightning,  Zeus,  Wishbone,  Kodak,  Kota,  Spotlight,  Jack Daniels,  Flicker,  Bagheera,  Pixel,  Koli (Icelandic),  Passepartout,  Sherlock,  Jackson,  Dobby,  Chessy,  Mongoose,  Alabaster,  Swat,  GoBaby,  Bacchus,  Tar,  Luther,  Voodoo,  Zorro, Bilge,  Indigo,  Storm,  Oilslick,  Wrecker,  Ruckus,  Goblin,  Coal,  Sammy,  Inkspot,  Elvis,  Creeper,  Rocky,  Soot,  Lucky,  Pyewacket,  Keel,  Demon,  Night,  Casper,  Gargamel,  Thunder  and Johann Sebastian Black.



A bunch of really great names!!       Can you say:  “Close your eyes and throw a dart.” ?

Submitted by Chris Limbach from New York City, our winner is Smudge!   Congratulations to Chris!

Chris said she is tickled to be our winner and looks forward to reading her e-copy of Year’s Best Lesbian Fiction 2008 from Bedazzled Ink.


Little Smudge is thriving  and very busy … most of the time…

pillow napper

Thanks to all of you for participating.

We Have a Winner!

We have a Kitty Name Winner!
But Im not gonna tell you!
Yet….  🙂
We want to get in touch with our winner first, but no doubt in the next few days, we will make the official announcement.
Stay Tuned!

The wee one is overcome with excitement….