Freebie: The writer’s guide to making a digital living

wgtmadlFree download (2.7 megs, PDF)

The writer’s guide to making a digital living was developed through the Australia Council’s  Story of the Future project in 2008 to explore the craft and business of writing in the digital era.

This report looks at writing, collaboration, copyright, marketing and distribution and business models, and how to develop projects from concept to commerical takeup. It includes case studies from Australia’s rising generation of poets, novelists, screenwriters, games writers and producers who are embracing new media and contains audio and video content from seminars and workshops, as well as extensive references to resouces in Australia and beyond.

The writer’s guide to making a digital living is published under a non-commercial, remix, share-alike Creative Commons licence. You may embed, download, distribute, remix, share alike and above all enjoy.

Made possible by Australia Council for the Arts.


Who should use this guide

This guide is a professional development resource for creative writers. Its
primary target audience is any writer (young or old, emerging, mid-career or established) in Australia or overseas, who aims to earn income as a
professional creative writer and is interested in how the new media industry can enhance their craft skills and income earning potential.

The secondary audience is any artist or practitioner (producer, games
developer, publisher, funding body) whose work may be informed by this


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