Interview on Chroma

We are very pleased that Chroma : a Queer Literary and Arts Journal in the UK, has an interview with Evecho on their blog. It gives insight into the inception, concept and philosophy of

Gill McKnight conducted the interview.

To read the extended chat, go here: Interview for Chroma (2008)


Stand up for your love rights

Last week, during the US Presidential election, lesbian and gay Americans in three states of the USA were denied the right to marry their same-sex partners. The biggest blow occurred in California, a traditionally liberal state, when a referendum known as Prop 8 overturned two Legislative votes AND a State Supreme Court decision that recognised same-sex marriages.

Well, the LGBTQ community and friends are not going to take it quietly. Already appeals are in process and the fight continues. Demos against Prop 8 will hit cities nationwide this Saturday, 15th November.

Join Fight The H8 this Saturday (complete with rainbow fist and catchy slogan) at a location near you – if you live in the US of A – to protest Prop 8 (boo hiss!). It’s not just a California problem, it affects every gay person. So come out for a day, an hour, with your queer mates and show your pride.

To find your nearest location –

To learn what is Prop 8 and why we must stand up to it go here – Scroll down the page for information in Spanish, Mandarin, Korean and Vietnamese.

Edited 20-11-08: The Supreme Court of California has given leave and will hear the challenges to Prop 8.