Readers of the four-legged kind

D’you think them’s a bit young to be reading RTL?

Everyone’s a critic.


And the winner is …

Reese Szymanski!


follow the path to read these lips

Reese wins a free e-book courtesy of Spinifex Press. Spinifex Press is an independent feminist press going strong for 17 years. Their books are available online and from the Independent Publishers Group so check them out.

All we can say to Reese is Ouch.

Adobe Reader Problems

It seems that some folks are having troubles installing Adobe Reader’s newest upgrade to version 9.

It appears that there can be a conflict depending on the operating system you are using:  Windows 98, XP (with Service Pak 2 or 3), Vista, MAC, Linux etc.

The Adobe 9 download page allows you to choose the appropriate operating system.

I have also heard that your browser may confuse Adobe 9 as well…..If, for instance, you are using Firefox, Safari or Opera.   I dont know if this is so but will keep an eye peeled for information.  (How the heck did the phrase “keep an eye peeled” come about?!)

Foxit Software also offers a Free PDF reader.  Some of you may find you like it better than Adobe Reader.

My suggestion is to stay with version 8.1 for now.  🙂

Please let us know if you hear of any more difficulties or solutions.

Cheers, Ann