Publishers List

Over on our site, we’ve conducted extensive research to collate two great resources for writers and readers. One is a list of lesbian-attentive publishers ( and the other is a Bibliography of lesbian anthologies, poetry, and literary collections with a strong lesbian bent (

Renee is the guru who keeps the Bibliography updated and she’s written about the process in her post.

The Publishers list is, we think, an innovative concept where we as a publisher are providing links to other publishers. Not just one or two, but 70 publishers. We’ve found these publishers to be conscious and encouraging of lesbian content in all its forms. To compile that list, we reviewed and trimmed off publishers that were GLBT friendly in name but not in practice, or presses that appeared restrictive of the kind of female content they would allow. Our aim is for writers to consider the wide world of publishers they can access.

[Edited to add]
FYI, a few publishers on the list are not linked or are no longer in
business. Naiad, A&M, and Haworth, are three who have ceased being
active, but we felt they were so influential to the history and development of
lesbianlit that they deserved to be mentioned.

We welcome additions and comments about the list.




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