Getting Wet: Tales of Lesbian Seduction

I knew that would get your attention. If I’d written “RTL Bibliography Updated,” most of you would have ignored this post, right?

That sexy title is only one of the many titles in our Bibliography of Lesbian and Lesbian-Friendly Anthologies of Short Fiction on the RTL site. After the recent update, the list has grown to about 175 entries.

Not all of them are erotica titles, of course. In fact, the scope of the “Bib” is very broad. Our ambition is to record as many anthologies of short stories and poems by and about lesbians and queer-identified women as we can find, both in print and out of print, including those in languages other than English.

Why are we doing this? It just seemed appropriate, since Read These Lips itself is an ongoing lesbian anthologies project with an international bent. Not to mention that some of us on the RTL team are Virgos and therefore obsessively driven to make lists and to organize chaos.

By definition, an anthology is a collection by multiple authors—of lesbian stories, in this case. We couldn’t decide on the cut-off, though. Would a collection by five authors be included in our Bibliography? Sure, why not? Then what about a book by only three? Well, okay, I guess. And so on. We finally decided to include any book of lesbian stories by more than one author. We had to draw the line somewhere, so we don’t include single-author collections.

Since the Bibliography’s purpose is to gather together lesbian stories and poems, the “Lesbian-Friendly” and “Poetry” sections do have some anthologies in which other kinds of stories and poems are included. Leaving these collections out would mean missing many fine lesbian works.

Some of you will probably have noticed that the Bib is not arranged in traditional bibliography format; that is, not by name but by title. The martinet in charge of the duct tape convinced me that browsing by titles would be more fun. After initially balking at this blasphemy, I had to agree. It would be kind of boring to come upon editor after editor’s name with a list of all their titles underneath. This way they’re mixed in with the rest, to be found serendipitously. If you do want to find quickly all the books in the Bib from your favourite editor, you can still do that by simply using the find-on-page search. Eventually, if the Bib becomes too long and unwieldy for browsing, we may reorganize it.

Just an explanation about the link after each entry. When a book is in print, there’s a link to the publisher for more information. When the book is out of print, there’s a link to the WorldCat union catalogue if it includes that title; this catalogue will tell you which of thousands of libraries around the world have the book. There may also be online bookstores, both new and antiquarian, where you can buy it, but we don’t link those.

I hope you enjoy browsing through our Bibliography. Comments and title suggestions are always welcome.

Thanks to our webmaster, Anni, for making the Bib look so good.

Renée (Bibliographer & Copy Editor)


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Second Helpings, Read These Lips:Volume 2

It’s here!

Second Helpings from arrives with more stories and an expanded scope. In our new anthology, incredibly talented writers explore what it means to be lesbian and, in so doing, add definition to our lives and loves.

Please welcome in Second Helpings the enduring pens of Lee Lynch and Marianne K. Martin; the award-winning insights of Nicola Griffith, Susan Hawthorne and Ruthann Robson; the dynamic voices of Erin Davies and Lorenza Martelli; and the diverse contemporary adult fiction of Ovidia Yu, Fran Walker, Stacia Seaman, Lois Cloarec Hart, Robin Alexander, Fletcher DeLancey, Jac Hills and C.C. Saint-Clair.

Second Helpings is now available to download from

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To celebrate the release of Second Helpings, we are giving away a free e-book courtesy of Spinifex Press! All you have to do is send us a picture of Second Helpings in a funny or unusual location. (Nothing dangerous or X-rated please, as the winning pic will be posted on our blog.)

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The winner will be announced the week after.

Enjoy the book.

Evecho and Linda Lorenzo, Editors.

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We’re coming up!

Our website,, has had an upgrade in time for Second Helpings. Check out the amazing extended Bibliography, and the NEW Publishers page for a listing of lesbian-attentive publishers.

Second Helpings will be launched in a few days, maybe sooner.



Almost there

We’re counting down the days to the release of Second Helpings. We are Very excited.

But we’ve had a slight delay, technical problems due to an unnamed person’s late night diddlings with her computer.

If anyone is looking for me, I’ll be out buying duct tape.


(long suffering) Ed-in-Chief