Behind the curtain

For you folks whizzing in to check us out, feel free to share links where ReadTheseLips has been spotted. The further flung the better.

On with some news: This week’s update is an admin marker. Not everyone gets as excited as I do when I see work progressing, but I’m happy to say that nearly all stories for Second Helpings have completed their edits.

As part of our quirky style of publishing – not many will know this or even believe this is proper – we agreed from the start we would, as far as possible, retain the vernacular grammar and language rules of our contributors’ country of origin/domicile. Rather than impose our rules, we’re happy to let writers express themselves in the style of language they are most accustomed to. We hope this approach benefits writers by freeing them from convention, and allows us to show you, the readers, the diversity of English as it is used today around the world.

This is not to say that we’re lax in our editing. On the contrary. We have spirited arguments discussions when it comes to defending lingual turf. You see, among us, we share oral and written styles from American, Canadian, Western European and East Asian backgrounds. We recognise post-colonial and imperialist influences, the effect of cultural (mis)interpretation, and the rebellion of it in ever-evolving linguistic structures. We’ve learned that sometimes English is not English, is English. We acknowledge our literary heritage is not from one source and that the future is in the making. In no small way is this pushed by the internet, and we believe ReadTheseLips is in the right place with the right concept at the right time.

Consequently, our anthologies hold a wider representation of lesbian stories (or stories from a lesbian perspective, depending on your view). We’re keen to explore the world as seen and experienced by lesbians, but also where previously unspoken or merely imagined.

The writers who graciously lend us their works give us not only entertainment but also reflection on the colourful and intrepid lives of lesbians.

As always, send us your comments if you think we’re onto something good 🙂




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  1. Links ( with some *very* favourable reviews) to RTL found on:

    Womyn Kingston:

    Gay e-books Australia:

    The Lesbian Fiction Forum:

    The first edition of RTL was in the top 20 anthologies voted in the Preditors and Editors Readers Poll:

  2. Thanks, that’s really grand of you to share.


  3. Sorry, that was me — no idea how or why I ended up as spillingink5, or how I get back to being me!
    Fran Walker

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