Second Helpings

Evecho-Editor-in-Chief has me duct taped to my chair in front of my computer, where I am frantically trying to remember how to use my building program, so that I can update the RTL website for Volume Two: Second Helpings!

I haven’t gotten to read any of the new stories yet (I am promised that as my reward for meeting the June deadline), but with all the great authors, I can’t imagine a crummy story anywhere nearby at all!

I am very much looking forward to getting the completed, new PDF into my greedy little virtual hands.

Meanwhile, I am updating the bibliography with a bunch of new-found entries from Renée. If you havent looked at that, please do, it’s an amazing list of anthologies of short fiction. I had no idea there were so many books I hadn’t read yet! I have no doubt that this is the only document of it’s kind in the universe.

We haven’t heard from Linda … I think she is selfishly hoarding all the new stories once she has edited them, and is refusing to let them go until she can say that she got to read each one first!

It’s a tough group. 🙂

*picking at the duct tape…*




6 Responses

  1. Obviously the duct tape isn’t adequate. We’ll try the lurve cuffs next. *whip*



  2. Duct taped to your seat? We all need to give you a huge BRAVO cause we’re very honored to have you here at all. Long live the yellow squash girl!

  3. FYI, RTL has been linked by author Sherwood Smith (Sartorias) on her blog posting of Celebrate Creativity.

  4. Thanks, Fran. That’s a great link.



  5. you made this list too


  6. Jolly good 🙂



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