Our Fabulous Writers!

Many of our favorite authors have generously contributed to ReadTheseLips.com

Sine Qua Non

AK Naten
Anne Azel
Anne Laughlin
Beatriz Copello
C.C. Saint-Clair
Lorenza Martelli
Erin Davies
Fletcher DeLancey
Fran Walker
JL Nicky
Jac Hills
Lara Zielinsky
Lee Lynch
Lois C Hart
Marianne K Martin

Nicola Griffith
Ovidia Yu
Pearlie McNeill
Ren Peters
Renée Strider
Robin Alexander
Ruthann Robson
Susan Hawthorne
Therese Szymanski
Tricia Dearborn
Trish Shields

See the Blogroll at right for links to their websites.


5 Responses

  1. […] my stories aren’t online yet–but soon, I hope! […]

  2. Got your message in one of my groups about the new blog. Looking forward to the next issue. The first was excellent!

  3. Lee Lynch!!??!!! ::dies of fangirl squee:: OMG when when when when can I read her story?

  4. Hi Lara

    Y’ know, we’re only as good as the writers we feature. 🙂


  5. Fran,

    Lee Lynch will be with you in June. We’re just as excited as you.


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